Mess kit - Green Howards

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabtastic, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Bought in a fit of regimental pride and then worn three times before leaving. In retrospect, not the best investment..

    Looks brand-spanking new. Hand-made by exceptionally talented Malton tailor.

    Comprises Red Jacket with Brunswick Green facings and Captain's stars (you can buy your own medals), officer pattern waistcoat with gilded baubles, v dark blue mess overalls with red stripe and stepped heel.

    Fit for 6' 4" tall, 34 waist, 'lean' gentleman. Made intentionally future proof with extra material tucked and sewn away in case of girth calamaties.

    Cost me a damn sight more than it'll cost you. Make me an offer - PM me.
  2. Swoon!

    You must be just poured into that uniform.
  3. Not sure what the Mess Dress for the new Bn is now that XIX is no more but you might Give David O'Kelly a ring at RHQ in York or Dennis Appleyard in Richmond. The former Regt Sec at RHQ Richmond use to hold Mess and other offrs kit for retiring officers until a buyer came along, generally a young officer joining the Regt who had to pass through the Regt Sec who then sold it and passed the cash on to the retiree.

    Worth a try if there is no discernible difference (apart from Collar Badges) in the kit (I know the buttons remain the same) and you cannot find a buyer elsewhere.

    Iolis (ex XIX)
  4. Thanks, I might do that. Just thought I'd try the lazy way first!
  5. Ebay??? Just add para/SAS and marine (someone will buy it :) )