Mess kit dry-cleaning

Could someone please recommend a dry cleaning firm, in London, from whom they have received a good service when cleaning mess uniform?

Many thanks
Most dry-cleaning companies will do a decent job. Just remember to remove any enamelled badges (pips, collar dogs, etc) before you take it in, the solvents will take the enamel off. (from bitter experience :oops: )
Having had to resurect my mess kit after a dip in an ornamental pond (another story..), I can heartily recomend Blossom, Brown & Sycamore off Clapham Common. They removed all the pond weed etc & still only charged me their standard 3 piece suit rate (£15 a couple of years back). They hold a royal warrant or two, & do a lot of theatrical costumes, so are quite happy with Mess Kits etc.
Would go back without hesitation!
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