Mess Kit Cleaning

I found my old mess kit mouldering away in a suitcase when I was moving house recently. It has been there for many years since I left, and could do with a good clean. (I want to keep it for sentimental value.) I used to just send it down the local dry cleaners, but I'm now worried that the bullion badges, which have faded somewhat, might not survive.

Does anyone know of a specialist cleaning firm who could do the job without destroying it?
Dry cleaning can knacker it up, it causes the material to pull tightish, tighter than your badge of rank which will stretch the stitching holding it on.
I've seen a few like this and it looks sh*t.
Hang it up in the bathroom with the shower on hot and generate some steam.
Sponge the jacket and trousers with a clean, lint free cloth or a new sponge when condensation is on the material.
Failing that, seek advise from one of the mess kit outfiters advertised in Soldier mag.

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