Mess kit changes after amalgamation

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know what the regs say about mess kit/service dress/n.o. 1's, and the length of time you have before it needs to change to that of your new capbadge?
    For example, RGBW to LI...
  2. Not sure if this helps but the King's Div are advising OCdts currently at RMAS not to buy mess kit and to wait until new Mess Kit has been approved and then buy it.

    Direction should come from your RHQ as to when buttons/badges should be changed. Most of those should be able to be issued through QMs. I'm sure the Army wouldn't be so short sighted as to decree a badging date and then not have enough badges for everyone... would they? :twisted:
  3. Ah yes, but changing from the the Prince of Wales’s Division to the Light Div would entail a whole new set of kit - potentially v.expensive... how long can I wear my old stuff for?!
  4. Sorry, don't know but I will post when I find anything out.

    For your information the RLC allowed quite a long lead in time, but COs and Adjts were encouraged to wear RLC mess kit very early pour encourager les autres.

    RHQs should let you know.
  5. Ad infinitum ISTR. You can continue to wear your first purchase mess kit indefinately.
  6. The fact is Dress Regulations state that because it is personal expense nobody should be pressured into buying mess dress. Dress Regs state it is optional....fact. Try telling that to the RSM as a SNCO though. The matter is it not how long you are allowed but how you will be frowned upon and the pressure you get from the Mess President or whatever. Take the AGC and RLC. I witnessed the guys in the Mess being told in a heavy manner that the new mess dress would be more appropriate. In other words, get it sunshine or I'll make your life a misery. Like I say Dress Regs say you don't have to have it but if you want to fight that fight.....