Mess games.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Listy, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking for some mess games that are suited to the time when you've a about 10 pints and three Tequilia's south of sober..
  2. Pass the parcel and musical chairs comes to mind, thats if its the Officer's Mess.
  3. 'Subby Hammer Jenga'.

    Invented by a crowd of lunatics. PM 'Goatbagthedruid' for further details. It is awesome! :)
  4. Mess "Games Nights" invariably include such classics as "Tug of War", "Dodgeball" and the RSM/COs assault course.

    1. Tug of War - no change from the original concept, however participants must remove shoes, therefore playing in socks - this is preferable on a wooden floor!

    2. Dodgeball - the number of balls available are placed along the centre line. Opposing teams (usually 4 or 5 players each) must rush from the back of the "court", collect a ball and retire behind the "throwing" line. Balls may then be released in the direction of an opponent. If the ball strikes any part of an opponent's body, that person leaves the "court". However, if the ball is caught, the catcher may restore any players previously eliminated back to the field of play. Head shots are disrcretionary, but not advisable :lol:

    3. Indoor Assault Course - use your imagination!!!

  5. Dodgeball must be played with snooker balls.

    Mess rugby is good but tends to ruin your expensive mess dress.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Mess Shotgun

    One player has:
    1 x childs tricycle
    1 set combats
    1 skid lid
    1 Flac jacket (old style)

    Player 2 has:
    1 x 12 bore disassembled
    1 x cart of rock salt

    Umpire shouts go, Player one starts

    Played by Hampshires in the 80's
  7. variation on Mess Rugby with cards:

    1x Deck cards
    2x teams
    1xumpire/spare team member

    unpire cuts the deck, shows the card to each team then rejoins the cards
    As he flicks the pack onto the carpet, go is shouted.
    The winning team is the first to get the cut card to the opposing team's end.
  8. Sock wrestling is a good one. You have 2 players, each removes both of their shoes and just one of their socks. The aim is to get your opponents sock off but try not to let him get yours.

    This is even more fun if played Royal Rumble style, i.e keep adding a new player every 20 seconds or just as a free for all.
  9. 1. Bar Jumping.

    Tape envelopes on the roof in a line moving out from the bar. 6 strong volunteer pair off, linking hands. The luck individual dives off the bar to grab and envelope and is caught. Put the odd nice prize in an envelope (win a bottle of port), the rest are drink a yard of hooch, etc.

    2. Table diving.

    Line up a long row of bar tables. Put a cushion on the last one. The lucky punter runs from one side of the mess to the tables. The take of line is back from the tables. The idea is to slide down the tables and place a beer mat at the furthest point.
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    1 Deck cricket, just mind the ladders!
  11. Soggy biscuit. Ten naked men with full blown wood, one digestive biscuit..................oh hang on, thats in an RAF mess..............doesn't count.
  12. these are great, I'll even lower my standards to RAF and Navy games...
  13. Shell Casings - one 4.5" shell casing in the middle, all participants form a circle facing outwards. Objective is to be last man standing - you eliminate people by dragging them into the shell casing, or by causing a break of the circle - if the circle breaks both people who broke the link are eliminated

    War Canoes - variation on tug of war. Teams sit down with the two front men facing each other both holding a broomstick or such like. teams form in snake and pull to try to wrench the broom out of the opposition's grasp with judicious use of feet and tearing of shirts etc. Good Laugh.
  14. Mess Jousting.

    Equipment req'd. 2 Wheelchairs
    2 Ash poles
    2 Boxing gloves (16oz)
    2 Idiots

    Opponents face off about 20yards and are propelled towards each other by their oppo's after a short run up. Ash pole can be held loose or jammed into the rear of the chair for that bit of extra oomph.

    Tip 1.Best played in a fairly wide corridor to crashing through windows etc.

    Tip 2. Tape the boxing glove onto the pole.
  15. Spoons is always entertaining. Items required:

    1 x new bloke preferably stupid
    1 x old sweat
    2 x blindfold
    2 x dessert spoon
    1 x soup ladel
    mess full of observors

    Concept of Ops,

    New bloke is explained the rules that he must place the dessert spoon in his mouth, handle first, and then attempt to strike his opponent on the forehead with the other end whilst blidfolded. Each contender will alternate until a winner is decided or one opponent gives in. Oldsweat is blindfolded and handed his dessert spoon. New bloke is blindfolded and given his spoon.


    Old sweat removes blindfold and takes possession of soup ladel and the order to begin is given. When it is Old sweats tirn to strike, aforementioned ladel normally finds it's target. Game continues until New bloke gives in or is rendered unconcious. Very entertaining for the rest of the mess.