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Discussion in 'RAC' started by SunrayOneZero, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. anyone got any good mess games? The messier the better.

  2. Mess games - CBWG Relay is firm fave. either end of the ante-room is a table. On tray at each end is cointreau, brandy, whisky, gin, in shot glasses. One row per member of team. you run from Gasworks End to Spion kop and drink one shot. Member of opposite team spins you round and you go to other end and repeat. Once you have done CBWG line at each end, number two goes...and so on. Time keeper will record time from "Go" to last man staggering into piano and throwing up. Then team two is messy as fcuk but great fun if you have a big ante-room. Oh and it is a sprint gentlemen - no pacing yourself please!

    Rugby with tin bar tray folded - let's see your risk assessment on that!

    Monte-kitty, Moriarty, high cockalorum all good value. Please remove spurs unless your opponents are from the RGJ - they need and deserve pain...
  3. Jenga blocks, subbie standing on top, either sword to push out the blocks or hammer to knock them out. Blocks given to subbie to put on top (under his feet). Oh, and cushions on floor.


    Spoof for champagne

    Mess mortars (beer cans, black nasty them together after putting holes in bottoms), hair spray. lighter, glass in end, fire at will, warn off guardroom.
  4. Aircraft Carrier:

    1. After dinner night, clear away dining tables and place in longest possible configuration.

    2. Remove mess jackets (and waistcoats), cover shirt in marge / butter.

    3. Take run up at tables, launch self and furthest slide down the "flight deck" wins.
  5. Nails - v German game. 4 inch nail in block of wood - cut tree trunk best. Try to hit nail in with pointy end of hammer - no hands. First one to get it flush with wood wins! H & S nightmare - did it once with body armour, helmets and goggles.

    Blind darts. :?

    Drinking draughts - opponent drinks any of the pieces that you take - best with pints. :twisted:
  6. beer draughts,
    boat racing
    Nail 4 sets of NBC boots to two lots of ski's and get them to do a obstacle course, involveing drink.

    Wheelie bin races - yes it does involve climbing in a wheelie bin.

    Fruit games. 5 different types of fruit starting from a grape working up to a pineapple see who can eat them in the quickest time, trust me the fruit juice goes everywhere

    To name a few
  7. Fruit games - is that skin and prickly bit of pineapple as well?? :?
  8. oh yes its everything of the fruit, bar the stork

    or even yu can play watermelon rugby
  9. Beautiful!!! :wink:
  10. Excellent mess drills chaps..I can't wait until Minden/Mafeking night/Saint Barbaras Day/Chillianwallah - insert regimental celebration here..
  11. also best to have a couple of 'punctures' in said water pointless sending mess kit to cleaners unless it is stained :lol:
  12. theres also another one of playing tig off ground, or trying to get round the mess off the ground.

    This can get rather expensive if there is any major piccys or statues around, but you can all bet if some one will do it
  13. Ah, the drinking bleep test! Did it with a shot of beer on every bleep. Got to Level 7. Nearly died. Had someone complete it (Level 16), but he was bundering in between bleeps. Happy days! :D
  14. Minesweeper,

    Clear a large open area, place full beers randomly all over the floor. Participants start at one end on hands and knees blindfolded and feel their way to the other with their fingers. Any drink touched must be consumed before continuing.
  15. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    The Game Of Life... classic. Stand on the Mess coffee table. Bezzer inserts bum-wad into your ring piece so that it touches the table. You are then handed a bottle of whisky/vodka etc. and the bog roll is lit. You have to neck as much as possible before yanking out the flaming paper from yer singed arse cheeks. It's a variation on the "Dance Of The Burning Bumhole" which uses a newspaper inserted into yer crack and sprinting around the Mess. :) :roll:

    Also: "Aces High" - loads of shots and the highest card drawn starts before he/she can't take anymore. Cheap 'n cheerful.

    Sneaking under the table at dinner and tying up the CO/guest's shoelaces when they get up for a speech... old, but classic.

    Other sillyness: Adopting an Elvis accent when "Thank you very much Sir" or "W ank you very much Sir" or getting the scum to do a "Uh-huh-huh" and shaking their right legs in a Elvis "I'm all shook up" manner with a new Rupert.

    100m salute is good, especially with a roared "GOOD MORNING SIR!".

    The best was the retiring RSM hiding in the Biffas somewhere in Norfolk on Sunday. "About Turns", "Eyes Right" etc. from the bin had us all screwed up much to the confusion of various nobs.