Mess games- Dambusters (HELP i don't know the rules)


Just wondered if anyone could give me some help on the rules of a mess game called "dambusters." Apparently we are playing it soon and I want to be prepared for whatever awaits me!




If it's the game I suspect it is, you have to clench a set number of coins in your arrse cheeks (eg 10 x 10p coins) waddle a small course, then squat over a mug/cup/bowl then unclench to drop your payload. Score is determined by coins in the tin/bowl/mug.
As long as you're not getting confused with 'The Lancaster Bomber' which is a different game entirely, but I won't spoil the fun.....
I have memories of taking part in a game such as this that we called dive bombers at 28 Sigs 1979. Plywood box bolted over the pool table. Pint glass at one end 10 x 10 phenic pieces clenched between the cheeks. The most difficult part was getting over the pint glass at the other end with the trousers and jockies that where around the ankles While still trying to hold on to those precious phenic pieces.
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