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Which service would you prefer?

  • Goes on the mess bill, wait for delivery

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  • Goes on the mess bill, print on the night

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  • Pay on the night, wait for delivery

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  • Pay on the night, print on the night

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Greetings Sirs and Ladies

I would appreciate some assistance if you can spare the time.
I am still serving and coming back to the UK shortly, once back I intend to start up a small business venture doing mobile portraiture.

I have plenty of experience doing mess functions here in Germany, however from what I hear things are done a bit differently in the UK.
So, my questions

1. How much did you pay for your last function photo, and what size was it (most are 7x5, 8x6, 9x6 or 10x8)?

2. Did you pay cash on the night or did it go on your mess bill?

3. Was the photo printed on the night or did you have to wait for it (and how long)?

Thanks for your time; this should help me to tailor my business plan


Last mess function photo I had was pay on the night, print on the night. Worked really well. The setup was superb as well - photographer in ante room with digital camera connected to flash etc AND hi spec PC (not laptop). Photo was taken, seconds later viewed on the PC Monitor, if it was OK they saved it, you payed and, just after the dinner but before getting totally mullahed, you picked it up. Being our own mess plenty of safe places to put it (including car). Of course, if you didn't like the photo, you had the option to reshoot immediately at no extra cost.

I have not had good experiences of the alternative extreme (goes on the mess bill, wait for delivery) - I am still waiting on photos from 3 years ago and have given up chasing (left Btn which has now arms plotted).
NEver had a mess function so cant comment on that but will echo Thuds sentiments. The wife has had a fair few uni functions where the photographer had the old digi camera and printer set up, as Thud said, pay on night view on night take away on night. Best way

Agree with Thud about getting result on the night. You should also try and go down the Mess Bill route. People are notoriously free and easy with their Mess Bill at events such as these, whereas they will probably not have brought extra cash to pay for photos. Good luck.


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