Mess function photos

which service would you prefer?

  • Goes on the mess bill, wait for delivery

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  • Pay on the night and get the print

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  • Pay on the night, wait for delivery

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  • Goes on the mess bill, print on the night

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Greetings all

I would appreciate some assistance if you can spare the time.
I am still serving and coming back to the UK shortly, once back I intend to start up a small business venture doing mobile portraiture.

I have plenty of experience doing mess functions here in Germany, however from what I hear things are done a bit differently in the UK.
So, my questions

1. How much did you pay for your last function photo, and what size was it (most are 7x5, 8x6, 9x6 or 10x8)?

2. Did you pay cash on the night or did it go on your mess bill?

3. Was the photo printed on the night or did you have to wait for it (and how long)?

Thanks for your time; this should help me to tailor my business plan
Had a bit of a mare with this once, photographs taken and ordered and then delivered 2 weeks later with the cost (about £4 each) added to mess bill. However, I was not at all happy with the photographs when I got them. Returned the said items to the mess and asked for the money to be credited back to my mess bill.

Then it got messy. Got my money back eventually but not until after much hassle and having to get the mess president involved.

At the next function the photographer had a computer set up in the mess which you could see the pictures on before you ordered them, he could also do resizing, zooming, cropping and all that for you and you ordered what was on screen. Thought that was an excellent idea. Photographs were added to mess bill and came a week later and were perfick.
I don't tend to carry much cash or my cheque book on function nights, so paying there and then would be problematic. Also having to carry the photo's around on the night would be a pain, even putting them somewhere safe would be difficult if everyone else was trying to do the same. Would I remember to take them with me at the end of the night? Probably not.

Get them charged to my mess bill and then deliver them a little while after. Seem the best all round bet.
Last function I went to we chose the photo we wanted at the end of the meal, paid for it, and had it printed out.

This has to be the way to go - no chasing up for money, and you can see what you are buying before you commit.

Good luck!
Just Photoshop a previous one. They all look the same and nobody remembers where they were standing.

Only offer large format photos on the night. They're more likely to get damaged, so there's more chance that you'll coin it from reprints.
The phot our mess uses takes the pictures, shows you on his laptop, if OK then he does any last minute tweaking electronically before printing out on the night. Payment is either cash or mess bill, but he seems to be favouring cash on the night. If the mess committee warn members that photos will cost £XX on the night then it shouldn't cause a problem of people not bringing cash.
The last few Mess functions I've been to the photographer has had the laptop etc, you can view/alter/delete on the night until you are happy with the photos. Pictures are then available via web site, order, pay on line, choose picture size etc. Last company we used here was Check out the web page and it will give you a few ideas of what they provide (they cover quite a few mil establishments in the Beds/Herts/Bucks area).
Best method, I think, is add the cost on to the Mess Bill.

It's great looking at the 'wives of' on the Photos, especially the fit ones, after a night on the piss letching them in their best togs.

Erm, I digress.
Last couple of Balls we have had the same guys - 9x6 for £8 a piece, and then he snapped Mrs J on her own and gave us the pair for a tenner.

Printed out on the night. I know a lot of people aren't happy with that as they don't want the responsibility of looking after it whilst plastered but trust me, give it to the missus and get plastered. It'll be there in your house in the morning, framed and everything whilst you try to recall the previous evening's events.
armr617 how about watermarking your phots and emailing good (not best) quality phots fully watermarked with armr617 and the copyright symbol, to your prospective customers?

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