Mess function in London

I have been tasked to organise a mess function in London and was hoping for some advice from anybody who has been put in a similar position.

My BSM would like to visit the Tower of London and have lunch in the Beefeater Mess. I have spoken to the Tower of London today and they inform me that for this to happen we have to get sponsored by a Warder. The only way to be sponsored by a warder is contacting one directly. Therefore does anyone have a contact number for a warder who would be willing to sponsor a Royal Artillery unit.

Secondly, accommodation is proving to be more expensive than most of my fellow seniors budgets, I was therefore wondering if anyone knew of any good, reasonably priced hotels in London. I have contacted the Union Jack club and Victory services club and I am waiting to hear back.

Any advice/help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance......


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try , The Royal Overseas league st James . terrific folks very helpful.
Also in Scotland yard the civil service club, went there once to report on the British Branch of the FFL food and service top hole .

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