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Discussion in 'Officers' started by DON_KEEBLES, Jan 10, 2002.

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  1. Why is it that every mess I've been to cannot compete with the local economy, yet they have little or no overhead (i.e. infrastructure costs) to contend with like their civilian counterparts.  Are we being ripped off?
  2. It all depends on the mess in question. Mine is quite heavily subsidised because it has a lot of functions that turn a profit and are well attended. We also do a lot of "Family Saturdays" and bar-b-qs that draw a crowd in the summer. I have heard of some more profitable messes being required to subsidise less profitable ones, usually the Sgts subsidising Regt functions as they tend to be the most "liquid".
  3. Its terribly un-officer like to talk about money in the Mess
    - or is that because we never have any after buying our tax free cars and champagne!
  4. That's enough whinging about the mess.  Just get your cheque book out and shut up.

  5. speak to yer PMC mate and vote money across to subsidise your sorry poor arrse!

    the account's called gpf

    from a mess manager
  6. What pray tell is a "Family Saturday"?  Some awfull Corps activity I guess.  
  7. Not as much fun as 'Bring a Tom' Friday.
  8. Just had a mess meeting and so as not to break with any traditions, we will pay for any functions in the Officers Mess with immediate effect.
  9. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    I'm really fed up with people who complain about Mess function costs.

    Are you all LE's or something?
  10. When one purchases a commission one knows that Mess life is not cheap. One has to buy enough champagne and polish for ones batman to bull ones footwear, and other incidental expenses are involved. I hope your salary goes to charity and you live of your private income. If Mess expenses are a problem, then how on earth are you going to be able to afford to provide uniforms for your regiment when you command.
  11. Sorry, Sir. They can't all be LEs. If they were they would be costing functions before holding them. Sounds terribly un-officerlike I know, but it is ever such a help knowing if you have some of the old folding stuff to spare (or a suitable line of credit) before splashing out. Good Lord, silly me. Of course we do. It's called a mess bill........
  12. Why hasn't this board been deleted?

    Mess functions, as far as I am aware, are only held in the Sgt's and Cpl's messes. Any more of this appalling choice of words and it we'll soon end up hearing phrases like "Gents, please be upstanding", "a great finger buffeT" and "cash bar only".

    Stop being so chippy.
  13. Don't ask me, I'm only "waiting on". You still pay a lot less for drinks than the OR's do so what's you're problem?  ???

    By the way, who's car is that round the back being loaded up with bottles of Gin?