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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MicknDarcyJo, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Am I right in thinking that I should receive a mess bill from my mess commitee before I have to pay my mess fees?

    I've just had a junior member of the mess approach me, and DEMAND mess fees immediately, in front of the entire unit. Naturally, I politely declined to pay them right then, only raising my voice slightly......

    My main concerns are :

    1 - I was approached in COMPLETELY the wrong manner....

    2 - Every other company I have served with have issued mess bills and insisted on payment within a set time frame, rather than trying to embarrass members in front of their section.....

    3 - Because I refused (in my polite manner, and purely because of the circumstances), this dopey woman has now threatened me with a Sgt Majors interview!!

    Basically, I'm asking if I can refuse to pay before I'm given a bill....I realise its to be paid and would have paid months ago if asked in a civilised manner, but this person is the PMC, and has done NOTHING for our mess, other than cancelling the childrens christmas party (she has no kids....)

    Comments would be much appreciated, Ladies and Gentlemen.....

  2. Get some fcuking balls you spineless cnut! Smash the whore in the face then when she's twitching on the floor, toss the money on her then fill her mouth with "sugar puff" pish.

    For full effect do this in front of your entire unit....................................then kill yourself.
  3. I'd ask the sgt major first, then i'd smash her face in.
  4. Firstly, wrong board.
    Secondly, you do not state if it is A - Cpl's mess, B - WOs' and SNCOs' Mess, C - Officers' Mess.

    In any case do not pay anything unless you have a bill.
    Take the wench outside and give her a kicking.
    Mess Bills are the responsibility of the Mess manager or the private company running the mess.
  5. Looks ike the general concensus is a kicking for the witch. [​IMG]
  6. In answer to one of the previous points, its a Cpl's Mess, and the vast majority of my section agree she should get a kicking....!!

    Also, where should I have posted this, didnt have a clue, as I'm a new member....

  7. yup, no bill presented means no bill to pay in my book.. I agree with the remainder..take the whore outside and whup her ass preferably on a cale A muster, give everyone a giggle at once. Unless you lose of course !!!!

    Then kill yourself
  8. In the Juniors Board mate, or your regimental board.

    When laying into the stroppy cow, give her a kick for ARRSE.
  9. Better idea. Get into her pants. Sh@g her on the mess floor. J1zz all over her and wipe yer big fella on her skirt. Then kidney punch her until she is crying and only then give her you mess bill money. Take photos of her with your phone and show all your mates. Alternatively go to your mess manager. Get your mess bill and pay the fecking thing you tight cnut

  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Civilised manner? You, Sir, are a cnut! I was firmly prepared to agree with you on this matter until I saw that comment. If you realised it should have been paid months ago THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE FCUKING PAID IT!

    Do all the other Mess Members know that they have been subsidising your social life for the past couple of months?

    You should consider yourself lucky that this person only embarassed you in front of the Mess. I would have charged you interest!

    Another point to note is that if this person is the PMC then she is NOT a junior member, regardless of seniority etc - she is THE SENIOR MEMBER of the mess committee.

    In short - get a fcuking grip and sort your admin out.