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Discussion in 'Officers' started by maxstrammer, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I've heard that there is only one regiment whose mess etiquette dictates that an officer late for dinner should NOT apologise to the President (or Senior Officer), as it is assumed that he can only have been delayed by duty. Does anyone know which regiment this is? TIA.
  2. Why would anyone late for Dinner not apologise? Even if on duty, or unavoidably delayed, it is simply good manners.
  3. It's not a regiment, but a corps: The one I was with. We were always late but that was ITVs fault for putting Sessame Street on at a stupid time.

    So instead of slinking in and saying "Sorry pal... you just had to see what Big bird was doing." we just began to plonk ourselves down as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
  4. Never heard such tripe in my life. Regardless of the delay be it military or civic duties or family issues it's protocol to apologise for tardiness. Regardless of the cause. Quietly apologise as you enter the mess to the President or senior bod present and give a quick explanation later.
  5. Are you able to tell me which corps that was then?
  6. It was the Corps Blimey, mate.
  7. One is never late for dinner, one is either there on time, or one doesn't bloody go!
  8. Only the dull and unimaginative would put themselves in a situation wherein they need to apologise for being late.
    Simply let the fire alarm off, and then wander in with everyone else once the all clear has been given.
    If anyone queries you, simply brass it out.
  9. Sandman - that is excellent lateral thinking - top marks!!
  10. And I bet it had a bar.....with a one armed bandit machine....
  11. Why would you be late for dinner? The walk from the Kitchen to the TV room can be covered in less then 5 mins in most messes, even with a plated meal.

    No-one would want to be late for "Double Dildo Shove Fest II" that nobby says he'll be putting on at 8 sharp!.

  12. No that would be the RAF. Maybe he's talking about the RFC!
  13. Gosh, Sesame Street has changed since I was a young shaver...
  14. It did actually... honestly... with flashing lights and everything...

    but also some real one-armed bandits with a few too many medals. (Don't ask)
  15. And what did you shave then, then?