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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by alan271184, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i was just wondering can a scottish officer serving in a English regiment have a mess dress made so as he can wear his kilt! :?
  2. It's the Regiments dress you are wearing - not your own!

    Plus - you'd look like an utter tit with spurs on your ballet shoes. If you want to wear celtic affectations then join a jock regiment.
  3. Good grief.
  4. I suppose it all depends on whether he wants a good kicking and DODO extras.
  5. "deserves" not "wants"
  6. You've all missed the opportunity for seeing him off and letting him find out the truth the hard (and expensive) way.
  7. Damn! That's a very good point.

    Its well known that all regiments accept a kilt worn with a mess kit jacket, so crack on feller.
  8. Mess dress is uniform. Highland dress is something quite different. Of course if you are joining a TA regiment, then you could very well get away with turning up in kilt etc providing you enjoy driving home wrapped in 8 yards of soaking wool?
  9. thats exactly what i thought, got a plastic jock down here thinking he can! i like the suggestion of letting him find out the hard way! should make our summer do much more intersting :D
  10. AGAI him if he does...or better yet wind him up that a senior bod is going to AGAI him and then plant the seed that this is an assault on his Caledonian manhood and ethnic traditions. Light blue touch-paper and stand well back.

    Or alternatively have an RP at the entrance demanding officers hand in weapons and take his sgian dubh ogf him. English officers with him then produce nunchucks, bike chains, machetes etc...
  11. Are you sure that we weren't discussing you? :D

    It's certainly what your avatar led me to believe...
  12. Walt - if he had spent a day at Sandhurst he would know better.