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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Sabre, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. When i was promoted through the system to the so called dizzy heights of being a SNCO i was informed i had to buy mess dress, so i enquired around and found that no matter if i bought 2nd hand or brand new, it was still dam expensive. So heres a question,

    A) Do you think the wearing of mess dress is out dated, when a pertfectly good Suit would do. And its cheaper to replace/clean after a game of mess rugby?
  2. You in the RAF?
  3. Labour voter per chance?
  4. answer to question A is....NO.
    it is the mess, not some civvie snooker/lapdancing club that has to attract new customers. if you lot put down your playstations and left your pits once in a while..yes you know who you are...
  5. No i am not RAF
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just remain a Cpl and the question wont arise.
  7. Mess kit is not restricted to SNCOs. In quality regiments JNCOs have mess kit too (and some private soldiers).
  8. you, as a SNCO should be proud to wear your mess dress and not be looking for the first excuse not to wear or have one.
  9. Mess dress may be expensive, but it always looks good (especially when fitted correctly!)
  10. You had me fooled there for a while.
  11. IN answer to your other question no i am not labour, nor a liberal either.
    And fair enough mess dress does look smart, but i think its a bit archaic, and was just wondering if it should change with the times and update itself, and i dont mean having flares and and dayglo colours kind of thing either.
  12. Mess Rugby? What fcuking mess are you in?

    And I would look silly in a suit. I prefer the taffetta thank you.
  13. No it's not time to change. What next? Miniatures pinned to a Tommy Hillfiger t-shirt? Fcuk off and finish your alcopop.
  14. I fukcing detest the RAF and all it stands for, which is mainly giving fat unfit fellas the chance to tell all their civvy mates they fire guns. From 25 metres only. On single shot. Not wearing helmets. Or webbing. Fcuk me I really do hate them.