Discussion in 'Juniors' started by the_puple_dinosaur, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. iam in paderborn garrison, does anyone know the number of mess dress sellers i know they are at least two just cant find there numbers, thanks
  2. Try Google.
  3. When I got my mess dress in Osnabruck 15 years ago it was through Costellos, I was quite suprised to see they have a shop here in Colchester. I believe they still have fitters in Germany who will come to your mess/work and do the 'Suits me sir' measurements. Have a look in the Sixth Sense of NAAFI notice boards they used to advertise there. Another idea is look out on the Senior threads as a lot of people advertise or speak to you Corp/Regimental RSM's office wo sometimes buy and sell on old ones, I know REME do anyway.

    If you cant get on Costellos web site let me know and Ill get into town next week and get you the number.
  4. Try this,

    284-294 Ley Street,
    IG1 4BS
    United Kingdom

    44 (0)20 8478-2780
  5. Try using GOOGLE or looking in the back of SOLDIER MAGAZINE you lazy shit.

  6. Check the NAAFI boards, I saved myself £200 when I got mine.

    It may sound tight but I've had it for 3 years and worn it four times.
  7. I agree with owen, i got mine on the cheap and worn it twice, waste of money!
  8. Ive worn mine about 100+ times now and still going however its shrunk a bit over the years, thats about £3 a time. Ill then flog it on in a few years when i get out so not bad going.
  9. So your mess dress has SHRUNK and it has absolutely nothing to do with the piss tank you've accumulated above your groin region over the years? :D
  10. CNUT, Im sure ive just spotted you spying on me from that bush just outside my MQ, on the way back from the Maypole was you.

    YES Im a FAT CNUT 8) but did get my mess dress in 1995
  11. You seem the Musket Club type to me. :D
  12. Refuse to go there now even though its only a few 100m away since they stopped singlies going in and Mrs Iron needs a pass. Fcuk them, civvies get in but squaddies get fcuked off, Maypoles nearer though, just the dark road scares me incase any of you Para Reg are raping HATS. :oops:
  13. You sup in the Maypole? It's my local as well but as it's the dearest pub in Essex i usually drink at home. I wouldn't dream of having sex with any other than Para Regt anyway mucker so ditch the rape offences! :D

    Next time you're in, just look for the best looking bloke in there who looks nails, has chicks hanging off him, can sup ten pints an hour and is the best pool player in Essex, then just say "hello Fallschirmjager" and i'll respond. :D
  14. fcuking hell are you my doppelganger :?

    i only live 200m away but only go in a couple of times a month, i prefer the playhouse, Edwards, O'neils, wig and pen and Yates but £16 FOR TWO crates of John Smiths is cheaper at ASDA. :wink: