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Discussion in 'Officers' started by DaMont, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Due to commission in December and wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get RE mess and service dress. Do the bigger Corps have a way for retiring officers to sell their mess dress to soon to be officers?

    Any help appreciated
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do you really want to wear a mess dress that somebody has obviously abused with bodily and alcoholic fluids over many years, and not just their own :lol:
  3. You could alwaya ask the RE rep at RMAS... just a thought.
  4. I don't want to be an Arrse but the Army gives you a clothing allowance, use it. Okay, IF you can find a second hand mess kit which fits and looks good as new then I suppose it makes sense to buy second hand and save money but come on, you're about to commission and be posted to a unit, dont turn up to your first dinner night looking like you're wearing your grandfathrs suit.

  5. Google Goodals Tailors mate. They're pretty good for all that schmutter.
  6. Seconded. Just replaced my uniforms through Goodalls. Originally went to them because I could order on line (including sizing) and the price, however the quality of the work and customer service far exceeds that of Thieves and Sharkes and others of that ilk. For the first time in 22 years my mess kit and SD fit, are comfortable and aren't falling apart at the gusset. Highly recommended. Mark, the guy who runs it is a top bloke and even turned around a new jacket in a week.
  7. To answer the original question, yes. Ring the Thrift Shop at Chatham. You can get some good stuff and some crap, but give them a ring and see what they've got in your size.

    I got a complete set of Mess Kit and SD for £100 about 5 years ago in decent nick, but it needs replaced now.
  8. Apologies gent's but a little advice would be much appreciated.

    I recently commissioned into a TA unit, i have since transferrred to another TA unit within the same Brigade. My question is, am i entitled to a clothing allowance in order to purchase mess dress, and if so do i claim it from my unit or direct from Glasgow??

    Im not even sure if clothing allowances exist for the TA and noone upstairs can enlighten me.

    Many Thanks
  9. Did a bit more digging on this and after looking through JSP 752 (Chapter 8, Section 1 to be precise) i can find the directive on allowances. However, i cannot find entitlement scales anywhere. It refers to RAAs – Chapter 2 and Material Regulations Vol 3, Pamphlets 3&7..

    Anyone know where i can find these? I don't mean to go on about it but i often think that when trying to claim money back its best to be fully informed of what i am entitled to.

    Many Thanks
  10. Yes you are entitled to an allowance but not for mess kit - see the thread on the TA board here
  11. Does anyone know if there is a tailors or an agent for a tailors at SHAPE or NATO HQ in Belgium for mess dress? I have just been made up and the soonest I can get to the UK to a tailors is in six week's time and I need it sharpish (and I don't trust myself or Mrs MBE to do a size it yourself form!).
    Many thanks
  12. MBE - I had mine made by Costellos when I was in Germany. I believe they come to Rhinedalen - maybe you could arrange to meet the rep there. I also managed to buy mine tax free.

    Just make sure the tailor is sober when he measures you up - mine was pi**ed as a fa*t and I ended up with SDs big enough for two people.
  13. Your allowance: £2122

    Goldings: SD and Mess Kit £2122, suit thrown in for an extra £100.

    Costello: Above plus suit for £2122.

    Kasket's: Above plus two suits for £2122.

    Almost as if they're trying to tell you something...

    You can use your allowance to buy second-hand kit and bank the rest - well done if you can find good stuff. Tailors offer different deals - quality may vary (But then Adjt NC probably already explained that). RE rep is your best bet for second hand stuff, and for advice on favoured firms.
  14. Yes the Corps do run a thrift shop at Chatham; however my advice would be to use the allowance and get kit made, not only will it fit you properly but as others have said earlier you will get some stick turning up in what is clearly second hand kit (particularly at your Commissioning Ball when everybody else is in brand new kit).

    A few years back you could save by buying bits from different tailors whereas if you bought everything from one the total price misteriously added up to your uniform allowance.

    Best of luck in the Corps.
  15. Wearing new kit also makes you feel like the real deal instead of some gypo in second hand kit!