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Discussion in 'Officers' started by DontMentionTheWar, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. For a variety of reasons I need to get new mess dress (Major, RAMC).

    What's the cheapest (I'm a Scot, after all, and therefore have a stereotype to live down to) and best service from a tailor that you've had?

    (For info, I've looked at Costello (Ilford) who've quoted £799 and (Leeds) who've quoted £650).
  2. Have you tried the Retd Maj at the museum at Keogh? He can some times have a good selection of kit.
  3. Admit it, you're a fat chump now, right? Sir.


  4. Get it second hand FFS - spend the rest of the cash on something useful.
  5. michael Jays - good tailor

    you can have the kit delivered in 48 hrs if needed
  6. Just get a shell suit from JJB sports! No one will notice!

    What happened to the old one? Mess rugby? Mess dress is pretty forgiving, it takes a lot of pies to 'grow' out of!
  7. Not pies so much as got it when I was (ahem) significantly younger than I am now ...

    Additionally - swords. Obviously we carry them but don't unsheath. For No1s (which I do fit into, thank goodness) and wedding purposes (mine) can I borrow one from the museum?
  8. Any officers No. 1 jacket will do! Just borrow or buy the buttons and do a bit of tailoring! It is your wedding so you call the shots! Ask around the mess!
  9. At the impending nuptials I would assume that you will be using a sword with a metal (not leather) scabbard and be using all the other glittery stuff like sashes and funky epaulettes? If so then your RHQ ought to be able to help out - failing that, cultivate a mate in an English or Welsh Inf Bn and borrow it from their mess.
  10. ....................oh and good luck on the big day!
  11. Seconded - and where' s the CC1 invite to us all?

  12. Should RHQ not provide the answer, the RQMS dept at Woolwich station (as it's now being called - GRRRR) have a fine selection of swords, all of which have been refurbished in the last year and look tremendous.

    All the best for the big day.
  13. Try Ebay. You take pot luck, but most descriptions are accurate and it may only cost you £20 or so.