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Discussion in 'REME' started by Crafty990, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Are there any differences between an NCO's and a SNCO's mess dress? Is this another stupid question?
    Also, what are the regulations for the wearing of mess Type of shirt, boot etc?
  2. I picked up my third last year & I'm still wearing the same mess dress in the WO's & Sgt's mess that I did in the screw's. With the obvious exception of the extra tape that is! You can't go wrong with a "golf ball" shirt & George boots, (patent leather or plain,) just don't try sticking spurs on them. if in any doubt about dress regs in the mess then ask your PMC.
  3. Wear your army issue shoes if they still issue them. It worked for me for 12 years. Its only a pissup suit after all...
  4. army issue shoes with the standard reme drinking suit costs you nothing and there easy to clean after a barfing session
  5. REME Corps Instructions which are available on line thorugh the DEME(A) website state full details of Mess Dress. As there is no official Cpls Mess dress I would assume that it is exactly the same as SNCO Mess Dress. one point to note, the Marcella (Golf Ball) shirt is worn by Officers, where SNCOs are to wear plain white. Now how often have you seen that in your mess? I cannot remember if shoes are allowed, however I have seen countless numbers wear them over the years, free yes, bit naff? Very!
  6. From my RSM in 1986, a mess dress shirt is a golfball shirt. His view and not up for interpretation.
  7. Who wants to buy a REME mess dress? Made to measure (when i bought it), 5'8" tall, 36" waist 30"leg Size 10 boot 42" chest, used once and cheap to anyone who will pay for the postage or collect. PM me.
  8. A Quick one on mess dress.

    what would seem to be the 'done thing' with qual badges in mess dress (Flags/swords etc etc) :oops:

    was getting measured up for mine today (Cpls) and the tailor said it was different everywhere?

    Am Att to an armd inf bn if that helps
  9. As usual, the tailors don't seem to know anything. For the official guidance on what you can or cannot wear take a look at JSP 336 Vol 12 Part 3 Pam 15 - Badges, Embellishments and Headdress. Section 3 covers the Badges of Appointment and Qualification.

    There may also be something else in the Draft Army Dress Regulations.

    The publications can be found online through the Army Electronic Library on ArmyNET or at work on your box on the desk!

    Saying all that, whatever unit you are at will probably make up its own rules, and as an attached arm you will be made to conform! Or if you have the nads you can always fight your ground and quote the book!

    Have fun
  10. Got one of those as well just insert the following:

    Chest 42"- 44"
    Waist 34" - 36"
    Inside Leg 30"
    Height 5'9"

    5 years old, Very good condition
    PM me if interested
  11. Ive been wearing mess dress since 1993 from Cpls Mess to Sgts mess and been with REME Bn, Armd Inf, Artillary, Engineers plus RLC and have never known any problems with people wearing shoes or relevant quals badges. If you are in a Cpls mess (and staying in for a while) at the moment though your best off buying a set of george boots (shiny) because you will definately get use out of them and size of feet shouldnt change. Problem is if your a beer monster you might find out that you might need a bit of tailoring done by the time you hit the Sgts mess. Speaking from experience.

    As well you will be stung on mounting your medals each time you get another one twice once for mess dress once for 2's which can get expensive.

    If you are in JNCO mess enjoy it and use it as stepping stone to Sgts mess, it can be extremely good if blokes are good.
  12. Does anyone out there know where i can purchase a mess kit shirt - but not the standard boring white ones. I've seen some people wearing shirts that have the standard front, collar and cuffs but when you take your jacket off the rest of the shirt is made of funky material - tanks, planes, flags etc.

    Any ideas?

    Perky :D
  13. Surely mess dress will soon be a thing of the past anyway, as due to the deals on meals department, it is now no longer viable to have functions, where catering is involved, in the mess. From now on my unit's WO & Sgts mess have decreed that any further functions will be held at local restaurants or hotels due to the cost involved. I can't think of the last time I forked out 40 euros for steak & chips down the town, which is what NAAFI had the audacity to charge us at our last function.
  14. Mess Dress crock of shit you wear it 3-4 times a year and thats if your lucky.

    To answer your question each Corps/Regt have their own dress regs laid down. Normally found on their Official Web pages. As to shirts and boots etc what you feel comfortable in. (I wear a dark T-Shirt and shoes).