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Mess Dress???

Any old and bold out there no the correct dress code for mess dress (for REME), like which style of boots george/chelsea patent or not etc... And Shirts and stuff as a lot of the so called experts seem to contradict each other??

Thanks for any help, oh and it's not a wah...just don't wanna look to stupid like normal?
George boots, no patent, spurs for Majors and over. Dress shirt, foldown collars with golf ball pattern frontage. Watch chain if desired.
Dress regs state george boots or mess wellies if I remember correctly.

Do it right, no dreadful civvy chelsea boots or whatever. RSM's were very lax on this and I saw some awful attempts at Mess Dress when I was in, but you can only be responsible for yourself!

Get a good quality all cotton, marcella bibed shirt with a turndown collar.

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