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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Spurs_fan, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Any one know the best place to get new mess dress as mine has seen betters days with too many functions and red wine (spllage)

    They bent over backwards for me when I needed mines in a hurry. Something like 3 days they done it and sent it next day delivery.

    Can always try ebay if your skint.

  3. Same place i got mine from, top service all round.
  4. I have got one that I only wore twice. PM me with your mesurements as I think this one is a 36 inch waist and 38 - 40 inch chest. I am 6ft tall and it fitted like a glove I just wish it did now!
  5. Can't comment on but I bought mine from and they were absolutley brilliant, an original tailors from Leeds with a very good online service.
  6. Yup Yup Yup! Best service on the planet! :)
  7. Stay well away from the clown in Catterick Garrison. He shares his shop with a hairdressers! Charges well over the odds and gets his mess kit from somewhere else but puts his own charge on top. Messkitonline, winner.
  8. Recently had to upgrade mine and found The Mess Dress Ltd very helpful.

    Wish he'd mentioned about unscrewing and removing the epaulettes before dry cleaning........ :x :oops: 8O
  9. MMMM yes, got mine from there, everytime i put it in for dry cleaning, the silver braiding on it starts to fall apart. well worth the £400 plus on it.
  10. Costellos are the business £480 including boots and miniatures. Fast turnaround and no problems with dry cleaning. Soldier mag has all the contact details.
  11. I got mine from Uniformal (advert in back of Soldier mag).
    Got around 100 quid discount (tax free) coz I am BFPO address.
  12. IMO the 2 tailors in the Garrison are equally worth staying clear of, the guy near the swimmen bad has a wife that runs the garrison tailors, how convenient is that?

    Be well advised to stay away.

  13. Try, they are good with after service care as well, they got my mates mini medals sent out in 24 hrs.