Mess Dress

Does anyone know of anyone around the Corps selling a Mess Dress Jacket and Waistcoat.

Obviously it's to fit someone of Lynx Pilot stature.

Any leads then please PM me.

I know a chap who is selling a Mk 1 Talbot Sunbeam, but no-one selling a mess kit....sorry :D
I gave my pal a bell to see if he had a mess kit in the back of the saidd sunbeam, he said no, but will throw in a trolley jack if you take it :D
I guess it will be a difficult search, especially since its for a Lynx pilot. Try the nearest tent manufacturer, they may have something to cover such an enormous arse and gut!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
phone edwards air force base, they may sell you the parachute for the shuttle, thats the only single garment big enough to wrap round a lynx jocks, arse gut and ego :D
MDN, go easy on the Lynx pilots ego.........they have to have some ego to want to fly that heap of sh*t!! :D :lol: :lol:
Are Lynx pilots short arses or chubbers?
mainly both :D
Something youd know nowt about mdn. You were barely a door slider, twenty minutes of fuel.

Theatre, Lynx pilots tend to be at least 6'3'', blonde, blue eyed master race types.

Murph, try the museum, they might have some. (serious)
I can imagine getting one made up new would cost you a fortune. The sheer amount of cloth would cover SPTA!!
Flash, you drive Lynx and your 5'7 grey haired plump and gay.........

Were did you get the 6'3 lovegod description profile? :D
Mdn. Your profile on says youre 'a pre op transexual who likes to dress up in latex and have small furry animals inserted up yer backside. Am larger than the average but do not have a hygene problem'. The only people that call you a love god are called Horatio and have a special room dedicated to Dale Winton.

cutters , wonder who that could be then? :wink:
A poor retort from a supposed Skygod, did you take '' directly from your favourites list?

Shouldn't you be out murdering your colleagues, or at least jinxing them in to a rather nasty pile up :D

I have a picture here of the 'Not so rugged Flash" post me a small fortune and it wont go up in the photos section :mrgreen:
Such a picture does not exist! (Although you might have a couple of me doris!)

Tired of murdering me mates, I now let others do that for me!

You might find that mdn is a member of several 'liberal sites', and I dont mean baiting soap dodgers. I shall keep you posted as to his movements around the net. :wink:
Flash I have two photos and you bloody well know it :D
The first is the course photo outside 668, the other is on the coach en-route to yeovil... you look puffy on them both...which one do you want :D
and has considered bringing the purple gimp suit out of retirement
Sure you're not confusing him with Flashy?
Nope, my gimp suit is Black.

I had two, lent one to ORG and it came back with the ring cut out and the stumpy git had taken five inches off each leg :D
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