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Does anyone out there know where I can find a decent pair of second hand Sgts' Mess dress trousers. I only have a few years laft and don't really want to fork out for a new pair. My old ones must have shrunk or something..........


Try Boss Hogg at Officers Mess Blandford. Contactable via Mess Reception.
Just don't call him that to his face :)
ah the "oh they must have shrunk routine" simple glue your mouth shut and handcuff yourself to a running machine for a few weeks and theyll fit good as new!
I agree with slopey get and do some fizz, Slim fast and a few nutra grain bars should do the trick....... Oh and stop drinking beers in the mess you know its bad for you, er just for a month and they will fit good as new.

Anyone know how to get hold of a set of 2's for lowley bleepers?

I was told that my unit have loads up stairs (that would fit) and the reason they don't hand it out is because there are too many (*ahem*) portly fellows parading.

Is there a specific RS set of 2's, or are they interchangable from corps to corps?
Cavalier said:
Is there a specific RS set of 2's, or are they interchangable from corps to corps?
All they do is change buttons.

Why do you want 2's? As a general rule they aren't issued to OR's or JNCO's in the TA only SNCO's. When needed you'd be given a temp issue for whatever event your attending.
Thanks Polar

I want them so I can go over to my missus' work and pick her up (Officer and a gentleman stylee) in front of all her beautician friends :lol:

No, we've got a series of parades coming up and there are some siggies and JNCO's who have a set, some who don't. Those that have them, are asked to wear them and those who don't, wear 95's. Obviously, I think 2's look smarter and more respectable/professional than 95's (for parade purposes).

I know kit issue is sometimes a drama (I'm still awaiting my brigade flash) and I suppose it's not like I'm going to leave the T.A. anytime soon!?!?

I guess I'll just have to wait my turn :lol:
ah you would like a set of twos ! so you can look good? are you a walt? why dont you hire a set of whites like richard gere in officer and gentlemen! or when you get a set of twos try wearing a scarf carrying a pitchfork "dont panic"
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