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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SilverBullet, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Hello...

    Having problems getting a second-hand Mess-Dress (next years bounty is too far off and the OC is breathing heavily down my neck to get one sorted).

    I'm Signals... I hear that the RE one is similiar (or is it the REME one?). Also, could I get an SNCO one and have it changed?

    As always virtual pints to all who help or point me in the direction of previous threads (I have looked but to no avail).

  2. get a quote from messkitonline - it's not that bad these days.
  3. E-Bay, i think theres a guy with a mess dress/No 2s Dress shop on there.
  4. SNCO dress is often completely different in cut and shape to officers.

    This is probably due to the fact that once you have shelled out £700 for an SNCO mess kit, and progress to being comissioned, the tailors like to ensure that you need to shell out another £1000 or so for all of the different kit and ancils. is another of the less expensive sites.....of Goldings, if you have more money than sense....
  5. Have you tried the tailors @ DCCIS Blandford. I heard all you need to do is send measurements (+dosh) and they'll find you a set from the second hand ones they have (inc george boots)

    Try asking on the Sigs forum, someone should be able to give u the phone number
  6. then ask him to issue you one.
  7. Have you been to Blandford yet?

    Contact the Mess Sec, he should be able to sort you out for a humble donation, he has a fair sized stock. Not just Mess dress but SD & accoutrements too.

    The old and bold donate on retirement and the mess profits.
  8. Mate of mine has just taken delivery of RAMC Officer's Mess Dress Made to measure from DuBora, Aldershot. Cost him £400 he says. They have a website as I'm sure you are aware - can't remember the address though.
  9. Actually Boss Hogg from the Duke's of Hazzard - now you'll p1ss yourself when you look at him. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. msr

    msr LE

    There's no requirement to have mess dress, so you could always ask him to show you where is says that you have to have it.

  11. E Bay is a lot more cut-throat than that,don't just wait and see.You need to be actively watching and prepared to bid up to the very last second of the sale.Best of luck :)
  12. There are 4 Royal Signal mess dress on e-bay...keep an eye on all of them. I got one from e-bay £30 so it does pay.
  13. I'd rather burn my mess dress than sell it for £30.

    All the too many memories....but the wife always tells me that I must have had a good time....

    and don't HAVE to have mess dress as it isn't issued, however, the bloke in the mess photo with a standard tux on really quite ruins the shot.....and no you don't have to buy the photo either....