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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by floozy, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. Having just forked out for my mess kit (I know we get an allowance, ok so the tax payer forked out for my mess kit)  I realised that it was by far and away the most expensive and ugliest outfit I own.
    The blokes look just fine in theirs.  Us ladies however....

    I cannot even begin to imagine the mind of an individual who can dream up such a monstrosity.  I know it's not a fashion parade and that the mess kit has to cater for all shapes and (ahem) sizes, but.....

    The dress like something the deranged housekeeper would wear to open the door to an unsuspecting couple on a stormy night in a terrible horror movie, the jacket like something borrowed from a bloke.  The fact that while the jacket is black, the dress is, inexplicably, navy blue.  This outfit has not one, single flattering feature.  I know that this is an army wide problem......anyone out there got any ideas on how to fix it?

    Lets stop wasting taxes on ugly clothes! (and have more pay or hot water in garrison mess Aldershot instead!)
  2. Floosy,

    The answer is simple: exclude women fro the Army or never allow them to promote above Cpl.  Problem 1 solved!

    As for the hot water, a hair washing problem?  Get a number 1.  Problem 2 solved.
  3. Floosy,

    You should consider yourself very lucky off when you compare your current monstrosity with the bag of washing that was the old WRAC mess "dress".

    So, am I right in thinking that you were able to purchase your mess kit from the uniform allowance? What is the allowance now then?  When I was commisioned (my regt has a different patterns of mess kit for Officers and SNCOs) the allowance was less than £300 and the mess kit alone was £2,600. Add Service dress, No1 dress tunic, cross belt, sword etc. etc., not much change from 5K.
  4. I am well aware (my other half being an LE) that there is a huge and unfair difference in the uniform allowances for direct entry officers and LEs.  Even worse that you have to fork out your own money for worthless rags.
  5. Retrator,
    Why are you so angry with everything?
  6. Floozy,

    A deprived childhood?

    No. Really quite a laid back sort of bloke; just like to provoke the odd argument.  Nurse, QMan, and Pox_Dr may find it surprising, but I actually rarely disagree with what any of them say (well when thy are discussing AMS issues).  I want them to go out and encourage the army to take the AMS more seriously.  This will only be done when we all sharpen up our arguments.  Too often people (including me) rely on bland assertion rather than well-researched argument.  I know from bitter experience that you will get torn to pieces in the higher staff world if your arguments contain any holes, or if you are not able to out-manoeuvre prejudice.  My facetious comment about not having/promoting women was designed to draw out a reasoned argument or some abuse at least!!

    So will continue to argue the toss with everyone on everything to both improve my own and hopefully others polemics.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I agree with whatever Rerfractor said there!

    Oh and the Doris Mess Kit is pretty gross!

    Atleast you get an allowance for yours! We have the added pleasure of paying for ours!!!
  8. Hmmmm.  Facetious comment: legitimate tool of reasoned argument or verbal blunderbuss.  Discuss.
    Anyway.  As for getting AMS taken seriously in the highly serious, well-educated, literate, intelligent rest of the army (and I come from a long line of infantry officers gawd bless 'em)........... As an admirer of the mental push-up programme known as philosophy myself, I admire your aims and wish you luck, but I'm not sure how far you'll get with it.
    Fact is people outside of AMS find our training and operation pretty incomprehensible.  Maybe we need to get better at expalnation rather than argument.  Then leave the clinical bits to clinicians and get properly trained administrators to run the joint for us, because every doctor thinking that they can do a staff job has not served us well in the past.
    Sorry about you're dreadful childhood ;-)
  9. Floozy

    Perfectly legitimate and one of the benefits of what used to be called the ‘classic education’ where one was taught the finer points of both rhetoric and polemics before the grand tour ‘finished’ a rounded personality.

    Ps Don’t give up the idea of doctors also holding command and staff appointments; their presence is a requirement that brings some clinical reality to the process of decision making.

    Considered a command and staff career yourself?
  10. Mess Dress falls in alongside No2 Dress, wouldnt mind paying double for it if I could just wear it once or twice. It aint a fashion statement its to be worn with pride, sadly the SNCOs of today whine and winge about it and the No2 Dress. "why should we wear it for a summer ball" cos its the ARMY you D***HEAD.

    Can you believe it I sat at a Regimental Lunch in Cbt (shaggin) 95 felt like a gypsy wots it all about I ask you
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You felt like a gypsy ( no disrespect to our Romany cousins)- as you are a pikkey SSM! or should I say RQMS! Will you be changing your C/S?
  12. Who on earth (pot calling kettle) are you to call me a pikey 50 phennigs to iron your uniform and not well at that (Summer Creases) summer here and summer there ?????????

    may change to SSMTrgWO86CRQMS has a certain, you bin about a bit ring to it dont you think 'Q'
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Try SSM/RQMS/Chiken neck/ 86C
  14. Chicken Neck better then blue putty face or sickinabin ???????
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    That was our Balkan secret!