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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. I thought I'd draw on the collective experience of the forum. What are people's thoughts on the best place to buy male mess dress and what are your experiences? I've seen a range of prices from around £450 to £750. I'd normally persume that at the cheaper end of the scale it's much cheaper for a reason, but that's not always necessarily the case.

    Thanks in advance, FNU SNU
  2. I was very lucky and had some rumint that there was a set in my size going buck shee - the previous owner sent it to me for free, and it has been tailored by g and r. I have also been offered another by Rodney (regular on int threads) for a small amount. I would say use any people skills you have to acquire a set. I will pm you the details for Rodney's kit if you are average build I think it will be OK. As for new kit, the bulford tailor will only measure you for mess kit online. Price looks about 550, but that is neggars boots etc. Apparently g and r have a mixed feedback.there is another thread called 'worse tailor' or something, which talks about them in detail.

    Or have I massively missed the mark and you are searching for a new set?

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  3. TBH unless you are in receipt of uniform allowance, or are obliged to wear 49 Para Mess Kit, I would go for pre-owned.

    The abuse you new mess kit may have to withstand means that a new one de-values faster than a Kia Sedona leaving the showroom.

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  4. Int Corps mess kit is absolutely gopping, I wouldn't bother
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  5. Second-hand mess kit is the cheaper option; however, it looks cheap and everyone can see that it's pre-owned because it will inevitably be ill-fitting, whether or not you bother to get it tailored, and it will be covered in someone else's port stains.

    I've always found this lot to be reliable: The Mess Dress Ltd - The Mess Dress Ltd

    Don't get ripped off paying for your shirt from a civvy tailor. Get yourself across to your nearest RN, RAF or Tri-Service unit, you can buy a shirt from the stores for under £5. You can get George Boots through the QM's Dept, but they are considerably more expensive for some reason.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. The grant is a big help and if they'll deliver to a BFPO in Afghanistan I could save the VAT too! I'll also have a look at the 2nd hand market to see available.
  7. Did you get that PM? I would say don't buy new I have only been looking for a small amount of time, and with only £100 of tailoring, have a squared away mess kit. Got George boots from e bay, 30 quid.

    If you happen to be posted IVO Bulford, don't go to the garrison tailor as the guy is a douch. He told me the mess kit I had couldn't be tailored, and that I should by one form his mucker (he further stated that this was the only person that he would measure for) who is part of mess kit on line I think. Anyway, on a hunch that I as being seen off I took it to glover and riding, who sorted it in under a week, and for just over a ton.

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  8. From Afghanistan, it's probably worth just whipping across to Peshawar, to Abdul Latif's Custom Tailors behind the PTT Building by the central market. He'll do you a deal.
  9. It's the only mess kit with six pockets.

    And a baulk line.
  10. Please can you ask how my British Warm is coming on and did you get a price for a covert coat from him yet?
  11. Try his brother's club over the road while you wait. Hot and cold running concubines (so I hear...ahem)

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  12. At least one of them is an ex Radio Relay op,

    # Lycra # baby oil,
  13. Your British Warm will be ready next Tuesday, sahib, collect from the concierge at the Abbotabad Hyatt as usual, he hopes you'll enjoy the colour, it's an unusual shade but well-suited to your complexion. The covert coat is tricky, he made one up but now can't find it.
  14. Now he has finished it, it probably looks like a North Face gortex item.

    Or this[​IMG]