Mess Dress

Hi folks,
looking for some guidance here. As an ex-reg, I have been informed I can wear my old mess dress, now here comes the unsure part, what else do I wear to signify I am ACF and no longer that regular cap badge but another?

Looking forward to a few piss takes!!!!
ACF shoulder flashes in a colour that matches your Mess Dress on both arms.

Not sure how far down the arm they go, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly with the book answer.

Good work on joining the ACF, BTW.
probably about three fingers down from the shoulder seam, I have seen many with the ACF flash in that position.
You should wear gold embroidered gold wire shoulder titles ACF are to be worn on both sleeves In a central position 7.5cm below the shoulder strap.

Army Dress Regs, Part 08, Sect 3, Annex D, Para 4
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