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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by joycey, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Some bloody pikey broke into my car and stole my mess dress in Germany. So any recomandations on where to get a new one from. Ive heard from several people now that Costello's is poor service. Are there any others known that come out to BFG for sizing up etc.

  2. Jocey

    What Corps?

    I have an AGC Mess Dress As New (Mens)

  3. The Mess Dress

    Not the top end of the market but good enough for a replacement, do tax free to BFPO and a quick and cheap.

    I'm moving this into the Mess forum.

  4. Go to micheal jay mate phone them they will talk you triugh how to get someone to measure you phone them back with measurments job done and they are really good .
  5. They also come out to BFG every now and then and will measure you up themselves. Excellent service and excellent quality.
  6. I got a new set frommess kit online

    Very quick turn round if urgent let them know, they also do tax free for BFG as well. And they let you spread the payments over 3 months.

  7. The_Magician sorry mate im R.A

    The rest, cheers i will look through these and make some calls tomorrow.
  8. I have to give these guys a nod too. Online self measurement form and it arrived in three weeks in good order.

    The prices are quite competitive too.