Mess Dress.

Has anybody got a spare pair of size 34 waist RAMC Mess Dress trousers they are prepared to sell? Also looking for a small piece of cherry backing for my beret!!!

Best Regards
No Chaps, The trousers are needed for the next P & P and the cherry backing is for the next Rememberance Sunday parade, as I am still very proud to have served in the RAMC.

:twisted: D.D.
Fair one. For a minute there I thought you might be re-joining the glorious corps!! :lol:
Why the hell would I want to re-join the corps!!! did my time and the money is much better out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus it sounds like the corps is stil getting screwed, the trade is getting screwed and besides that my next step is a degree in remote medicine!!!

Thanks D.D. :twisted:
Have a full RAMC mess kit you can have. All you need is to come & collect it. (Aldershot Area).

PM me
I think its got something like a 38in waist 30in inside leg & about a 40 chest. Comes with golf ball shirt, bow tie & cumber band. looking for around £50 the lot.
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