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Mess Dress

Any suggestions as to where I can find a good deal. Tried online but am a bit sceptical. If anyone is selling, i am looking for AGC(SPS) 42L (male obviously)...cheers
Could always try the Mess at Worthy Down if you're happy with 2nd hand?

Dubious about buying online, as if they get the fit wrong, you'll spend ages trying to get it sorted.


Give the clothing store at W Down a call - I got a mint No1 hat for 30 quid agains 100 new-they had racks of spare mess kit etc
I have an AGC Mess dress, with SSgt rank. Worn about 4 times, suit slim'isf (w32) 5'10 bloke. 100 Quid and its yours - what a bargain!

PM for more info


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