Mess Dress V Suits

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by charliecharlieone, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. That time of year again when i find that we are voting for which dress to wear at the XMAS Ball at the recent Mess Meeting.

    Needless to say the suits have won again. This makes me bitterley dissapointed, year after year the same pattern and its usually voted against Mess Dress by the very Mess members that only turn up at the Mess when its a scale A and then slip off after an hour.

    Any Views?
  2. Ask the RSM to stop asking the question then.
  3. Thats democracy for you, (and how often do I hear it said that the British Army isn't a Democracy?)
    I always got annoyed in various Cpls Messes where LCpls (male) were expected to fork out for mess dress as soon as they were wearing the tape. Now bearing in mind this had to be done before they had experienced any pay increase to cover the several hundred pounds needed to cover it, yet femlae members of the mess got away with wearing a dress and not forking out for mess dress (for some of them this was probably a shock in itself and as for Rose in a dress, that was a shock for the rest of us)
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I thought we just defended it, not practiced it.

  5. Okay, Option 1 will be worn in clouds on Thursday option 2 on friday!!
  6. Summer Functions suits, Winter do's mess dress....
  7. Personally i always think mess dress looks very smart, better than a suit.

  8. Mess dress was the most expensive pyjamas I ever wore (I couldn't get the f****** thing off when I was p*ssed!)
  9. I still haven't gotten around to buying mess dress since I've became a SNCO almost 2 years ago as I've always been away whenever any functions were on.

    At least you Army lot have got a decent choice of mess tailors! We haven't!!
  10. Mess dress does look a lot smarter than suits but you sweat like a right fat boy when you are wearing them. It does hack me off when people just slope off at the end of a mess meting without having a drink or waiting for the RSM to leave (or asking the RSM for permission to leave). Thats a bit hardcore that JNCOs had to buy mess dress. That is a lot of money for a newly promoted LCpl to shell out. It's bad that guys had to shell out and not the girls.

  11. Yer not kidding! I could (probably) get the trousers off if it wasn't for those pesky boots! So usually end up trousers round ankles boots still on in bed! 8O

    Spot on! Love mess dress but leave it for the colder months! :D
  12. Got to be summer Fancy dress/theme, Winter Military drinking suit.

    F*ck voting, the mess president just dictates, don’t like it, hand the tapes in and don’t take he extra pay.

    Just can’t be doing with f*cking moaning shirking bast*rds. If you don’t like the tradition, rules, responsibility. Don’t take the fu*cking promotion in the first place.

    Getting fed up of bleating c*nts writing to soldier mag month after month whinging about having to attend mess functions after half 2 in the afternoon, or having to pay mess subscriptions or buy mess kit or on & on & on.

    Never complain about the 90 pence a pint though!!!!!! Not that the f*ckers ever stay in the place long enough to know how much anything costs.


    And Breath
  13. Nice one!
  14. Happy with that, until someone decided to do it the other way round. Man did I sweat for a fat bloke at christmas, could have put the turkey to shame.
  15. Dont want to sound like an old fudder but Mess Dress mixed with all of the glittery Xmas stuff just goes well. So what about the photos at the end of the night in front of the tree etc - what would you rather be in, your ol' burtons 70 quid special of your mess dress?

    And to be equal - do the female guests have an option on what to wear?!

    Mess dress for winter - definately.