Mess Dress to Black Tie Civvy Do??

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by popejohn, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know what the rules are behind wearing Sgt's Mess Dress to A civvy Black Tie party?
  2. If you have been invited in your 'official' capacity - as a member of HM Forces - then you can reasonably wear 'uniform' to the event. If you have been invited as a private guest then the usual form is to adopt the order of dress on the invite. Hope this helps.
  3. Just hire a tux-you'll look like a tw£t otherwise.
  4. You can wear Corps or Regimental blazer with Corps/ Regt tie which is exceptable definitely not mess dress hence the name mess dress means mess only
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  5. I agree but as it's black tie you are entitled to wear your miniatures.
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  6. If you were invited to a black tie function and rocked up in blazer, slacks and tie I'd suggest you were being rather rude. A smart lounge suit would be acceptable but I'd make the effort to wear what the invitation dictates.

    I was recently at a wedding where there were several army officers present. They were wearing morning suits. One of them, who has lots of medals and loves dressing up, explained that it wasn't an army wedding so they weren't in uniform. I think that sums it up nicely, really.

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  7. I have never had any problems at a black tie invite and would not wear my medals any way,if I was at a wedding which is not a black tie invite I too would probably wear a morning suit each to threre own
  8. A black tuxedo is one of the greatest investments you can make because it's cheaper than a good suit and it can be worn time and time again at loads of different functions.

    I choose not to wear my GSM because I think I look like a pratt with only one medal but for anyone who has a healthy chestful I don't see why you shouldn't wear them. Firstly you fought for them and are therefore entitled, secondly it does make you look smarter and can help with useful contacts and thirdly, they can make an interesting conversation starter.
  9. If you want to look like Del Boy's Uncle Arfur on the razzle
  10. There's a few things you have to learn about civvy street pal. Wearing medals is good policy for doing business. Doing business generates beer tokens.

    So in equation form: medals=beer
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  11. Dont wear mess kit to a black tie do - unless youre on duty.
    Dont wear minitures with a DJ unless you are attending a military do.
    Dont wear a DJ during the day (Dinner in this context inplies 'Evening' not lunch as in School 'dinners')
    Dont wear a blazer and regimental tie to a black tie do unless youre a naff scalyback

    Dont embarrass your hosts by making an arrse of yourself.

    Do wot tight arsed officers do and buy yourself a DJ from OXFAM (it'll smell of piss but who will notice the difference after the first time you use it)
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  12. I firmly believe that it is within protocol to wear your miniatures with your DJ should you choose to do so. If anyone wants to post a link to some official site which tells me I'm wrong, I'll gladly recant.
  13. it is perfectly acceptable to wear mess dress to black tie civvy do, i have been to numerous functions where officers and SNCOs wear mess dress, and ORs wearing either no2s(army) or no1s(RN), or if slighltly embarrassed by that DJs.

    (er...the Int Corps Mess dress is hideous, and even in tropical version..i would be aghast at the thought of wearing it to a civvy function, unless there were a substantial amount of other HM Forces in attendance...Even so, I would still have reservations as I do have other social circles outside the Army and would rather like to continue to receive invitations year on year! )

    If it is a dinner and dance and you are aescorting a lady, Mess dress is the way forward. She will be soaking before you have finished your G and Ts. She will also love it as other ladies will be envious.

    It is not acceptable to wear blazer and regimental tie under any circumtances.

    If you wear a DJ, wear miniatures. It is not only acceptable, but expected from civvies in my experience.

    Also, please do not wear a readymade bag of sh1te tie, as you will look ridiculous when you bump into someone who rips it away from your throat and puts it in an ashtray and stubs his cigar on it...)
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  14. Realise people in civvie street dont give a toss about the army. leave them in your top draw. the Army is for second rate citizens these days . Theres no respect like there used to be. at the dinner when theys say what do you do for a living ....whatch them turn away when you say Army...
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  15. Medals: they help juniors get laid with bridesmaids at each others weddings.

    Personally, the only reason I volunteered for all those tours...