Mess Dress - Request for help

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DozyBint, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. A plea for help cross-posted from Rear Party:

    Constructive ideas / information would be appreciated as I've told Hayley to keep an eye on this thread. Cheers!
  2. Plenty of places hire them. If in or near Bulford, Glover and Riding in the precinct do so. Don't know how good they are, though, sorry.
  3. isn't there a shop in Deepcut that sells second hand sets very cheap? Don't know if they rent them though, sorry.
  4. Got one gathering dust. PM me with size, yours for the cost of postage if it fits.
  5. Get your No2's on and use the following excuses

    1. My mess dress was lost by the dry cleaners
    2. My Mess dress is lost in transit
    3. I am a Primark Pikey & They dont sell Mess kit in the winter range
    4. The truth!
  6. I was in the dead officers shop in Deepcut not long ago. It is located in the QMs department at Deepcut. I am sure I saw some mess kit in there, so you could probably pick up a set for under £100.
    very helpful chaps too, give them a bell.
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    There's some mess kit in out clothing stores, male and female. Drop me a PM if suitable.
  8. I do believe that No2s are a valid option. Never seen anyone use it though (by memory, so unreliable {mess dress=amnesia}) but at such short notice they (No2s) should be acceptable. Worth asking. I would have gone for option 4 up the CofC.
  9. I've attended many dinners with members wearing No 2 Dress. Perfectly acceptable, maybe unpopular but you can't be "ordered" to buy something at personal expense. I've even seen WO1's in SD!
  10. Other option it to hire a tuxedo/black tie.
  11. Not normally acceptable for serving members and it would be quite a liberal thinking Presiding Member who allowed it.
    Certainly never known it in my time in a Regular Mess.
  12. I did as I had a pot on my arm and couldnt' get mess dress over it.

    Not that I would condone breaking an arm for it :lol:

    Costello's split the price over a few months if you so wish.