Mess dress question

Basically I have accessed the dress regulations for the Duke of Lancaster's regiment and found tha the mess dress has a "peninsular cuff". What is this? as I cannot find any info on it. I am also advised that the jacket and waistcoat are the same as the Royal Signals/Royal Engineers mess uniform. Can anyone confrm/deny this please?
Officers of the Duke of Lancaster’s wear a third small button in a triangular form on the cuff of their No. 1 Dress jacket, this being a long-standing custom of the Border Regiment. The origins of the ‘spare’ button are obscure, but a pleasant Regimental tradition has it that officers in the Peninsular War would cut buttons off as parting keepsakes for their sweethearts and were accordingly ordered to wear an extra button to avoid being improperly dressed. The less romantic official explanation is that the buttons represent the three crowns at the centre of the cross of the
Order of the Bath, which in 1829 became the centre of the badge of the 34th Regiment when three Colonels of the Regiment in succession had been appointed Knights Grand Cross of that Order.
One just has to love these little quirks.

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