Mess Dress - Qualification Badges

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Does the Jimmy above the mess dress indicate you have a class 1 qualification in your trade? I thought it indicated your in the corps.

    Also a number of other Sgts in my unit have infantry qualifications that would have been worn above their stripes if wearing jumpers (e.g. Senior brecon, Signals Instructor, Mortar Section Commander etc), so when in (signals) mess kit should these be on mess kit?, if so is it above or on top of your stripes?

    I've also been told you can't wear cross flags on signals uniform, even if you earned it.
  2. I always thought within the corps promotion to sgt was only achievable after becoming class 1 in trade anyway. As for crossed flags i've seen a couple of ex infantry signallers who've transferred over with them on their 2's not sure about mess dress though.
  3. You can find out what you can and cant wear on your No 10 Dress (Temerate Mess Dress) in Mat Regs Vol 3 Pam 15 Section 3.
  4. Is that available online (or RLI)?
  5. Polar, I think that the Jimmy above the stripes means substansive rank of Sgt. Your RSM should know, after all he should be the font of all dress knowledge. From what I remember it's a game he plays in the Mess with port fines if someone has a badge in the wrong place!
  6. Of course, part of the reason I created the topic. We have the badges leaving do coming up and we couldn't work out how many of the ex-infantry were incorrectly dressed (we've about 10-20 - all potentially incorrectly dressed - all that lovely port :D )
  7. Yes Polar, I know!!!!!!!
  8. Most TA SNCO's are class 2, only became a requirement for promotion a year or two back.
  9. All Sgts and SSgts wear the Jimmy, regardless of substantive rank. It's just a "loadsbadges" thing.
  10. The courses I mentioned are direct equivalents of senior brecon. (You don't have to have done senior brecon to become a Sgt in the infantry it depends on what platoon your in, i.e. if your a Cpl in a Sigs/Mortar/support platoon your not going to get promoted within that platoon with a senior brecon qual)

    The RSI qual has no equivalent in Sigs (your not refering to on the job training r u?) Very different training objectives/courses.
  11. I would disagree with this comment. The rest I agree with, however.

    Not all SNCO's make good instructors. They might be the best tradesmen, but might not be good a passing on their knowledge, and just because they wear three stripes or more does not automatically make them an instructor.

    There are some damn fine instructors as 2 stripe and even 1 stripe.