Mess Dress - Pocket Watch with Chain?

Am I able to wear a pocket watch and chain with mess kit. The watch goes in the waist coat pocket and the chain is double length with a Krugerand on the other end for the other pocket with a catch that goes in the button hole in the center. Also does anyone know (not being a catholic it wasn't drummed into me i.e. Specticals, testicals, wallet and watch) which side the watch is supposed to be?


How old are you? If you're an LE or some past over Major, then fill your boots. However, if you're a sprightly young subbie or mid ranking Capt then don't worry about the watch - a little bit pretentious/old before your time.

You should be thankfull you can find your Mess Kit, it's in one piece (not a one piece I hastend to add), and that it's not covered in the last Mess Do's puke.

Get pissed, abuse your OC and then get naked - plenty of time for pocket watches when you're old and smelly!!!
I myself have a fine pocket watch that my great uncle had on his mess dress, one day I may get to put it on my mess dress


As the old saying goes 'Why not'.
Just do it.
It all depends

In our dress Regs it clearly states a pocket watch can be worn and should be worn as follows: watch in left waistcoat pocket with chain ending in top button of waistcoat. Not double looped as some gun slinging dudes wear them ?

Have you checked regs ?
Carry your watch with pride youngman,

It shows that you appreciate that the mess kit of the British Army is there because men in most cases bolder than ourselves paid the price for us to wear it.

I do (and what else can you fit in waist coat pockets?)
INT_QRM said:
Carry your watch with pride youngman,

It shows that you appreciate that the mess kit of the British Army is there because men in most cases bolder than ourselves paid the price for us to wear it.

I do (and what else can you fit in waist coat pockets?)
The place card of the bloke who is sat next to you, who is trying to ram a badly timed pint down his neck after missing the 5 min gong because he was in the toilets bladder prepping. Said card then makes its way to the Razzer with witty port inducing funny quip, written by the bookies pencil in your right waistcoat pocket. oh and your own card, got to watch these sneaky gentlemen of this fine institution.
Oh yes the stitching up of your peers by place card.

an excellent point well presented,

A fine pursuit.

But then the port fund needs sustianing somehow!
One word of caution, VerminWA; beware the game of Mess Conkers. This is where the double header chain comes in handy - on one end, the £500 wind-up gold pocket watch my wife bought me a few years ago. On the other, end a stainless steel made in USSR railwayman's fob watch (picked up for £10 in a flea market), still ticking but somewhat battered. SOP for Mess Conkers is tograsp the gold pocket watch firmly in the palm of the hand, and use the Sov watch as the conker (it's a sixer now, IIRC). the double header chain also means that you can use it as a bola in the event of hostilities breaking out during Offrs to Sgts Mess games nights etc.

And you get the added advantage of looking like a Mississipi riverboat gambler, whilst swigging the port.
Mrs Rincewind bought me a stirling silver pocket watch when i was asked if i would like to be nominated for OSB.... all i need now is to pass and buy mess dress. :)

ain't the krugerrand illegal outside SA???
thepig said:
ain't the krugerrand illegal outside SA???
Not since Mandela came into power. It is not legal tender in this country, but is recognised as bullion, so there are certain restrictions and tax issues (some rather advantageous).

"Still a relatively young staffy, the watch belonged to my late Father hence the reason for wearing it"

I'd get a new watch or you might be late too :lol:

went to a dining out on Friday and the guys who were wearing them all had them in their left pockets. Think they look quite smart might have to purchase one.
The U. S. Army doesn't wear pocket watches with either the Blue or White mess dress. Just thought I'd toss that in!

Blue Mess Dress: Oct to April
White Mess Dress: May to Oct (Or in Tropical Climates as outlined in the regs.)
i wouldnt advise anyone to wear a prised posession to any function that requires the wearing of your mess drinking suit, i do wear a pocket watch but in my 8 years of the mess i am now on my third, they tend to break easily when partaking in bar games etc. i am also on my 5th tie (proper tie yourself one is the way ahead they come undone instead of breaking when pulled) and lost count of cuff links that i have lost or stood on or broke just trying to get undressed !
save the expensive stuff for proper civilised nights out.
Don't wear for games nights but ladies nights etc, if you leave early you could get away with.

Just get away befre the drunkards start wrecking the joint :)
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