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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Polecat, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. I thought i would put this on the board first before going to the auction where all the idot's reside.

    Iv'e decided to sell my old mess dress from when i was serving,still in fantastic condition can be used for both Corporals or Sgt's Messes, at the moment it has the gold Sgt' tapes on, the mess dress comprises of

    Scarlet Tunic, with sgt's stripes on,Green Howard buttons with the same gold braded collar dogs 44 chest

    Dark Blue/black trousers with red stripe running down the side of the legs,also red braces 32 waist/32 leg

    Green Waistcoat again with Green Howards Buttons.

    And last a pair of size 9 George Boots.

    The mess dress still has years of use left in it i can sort some pics out if wanted,this will come in handy for anyone serving at the moment and looking at getting promoted,these things cost a fortune to buy.
    £140.00 ono
  2. Would I be correct in thinking that it would only need new badges and buttons to be current for The Yorkshire Regt?
  3. Yes Mate,
    you would you be correct, i wore it in the cpl's mess 1 Green Howards, and the Sgt's with the Tyne Tees,i'm not sure if the 3 regt's have there own messes still or are combined,at the wors't the waistcoat will need changing,buttons and collar dogs, the tunic and trousers will be the same.