Mess Dress Grant

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Big_Kahoona, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. I have heard this being thrown around the Regiment that come April there will be a mess dress grant of around £500. If this is true I was wondering what the qualification criteria there will be for it. Will only Corporals promoted after April be eligible as it is likely that I will get to wear mine in March.
  2. Does that mean that everyone who has bought Mess Dress previous can claim it?

    I think you have been told porkies mate.
  3. Not with Cyclops and his glove-puppet controlling the Treasury-not in a thousand years.They're too busy trying to cut every penny they can out of a Defence budget that is already too small.
  4. If it's in retrospect, does it go back to 1983?

    "IF ONLY"! Never happen, never will! Someone is feeding someone a LINE!
  5. Would be nice wouldn't it?

    Bollox springs to mind.
  6. After hell freezes over!!
  7. Coming in the same day as tax releif on laundry, hair cuts and boot polish
  8. Just wear your No2's, no one can say a thing..
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    ..... apart from "You look a right cunt in them."
  10. We are keeping our higher Pay Band so No, you cant have money for Mess Dress.
  11. It might be linked in with cutting officers' uniform allowance, so they might manage to make more money from us all in the long run.
  12. I heard this first getting mooted about a few years ago at a visit of the CGS Briefing Team. It seemed to be quite strongly thought about, but as usual it will not be backdate when (if) it comes in I would imagine.

    Let's face it they are not arrsed about retaining those already in the Sgts' Messes, they have the pension to do that :D
  13. Who is Mess Dress Grant? Is he a friend of Dress Blues Dave?
  14. We had a fireside chat with our Corps RSM a few weeks ago and he confirmed it for the RLC...all newly promoted Sgts will get a set of Mess Dress given to them. It will not be backdated to serving mess members. I cannot remember when it's coming in, but it's certain for the the RLC.
  15. I've had him as well.

    I found this little linky from a few years ago Mess Dress 2004

    £500 wouldn't even buy me a new frock nowadays.