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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by willy57, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi I posted a request for assistance with mess dress and hopefully will be sorted out in the not too distant future - thx no1 -

    This post is about the Grant for mess dress - a couple of people have since asked me about it and I have not got a clue as I did not even know it existed so if anyone does have any info on Mess Dress Grants can they post what they know here.

    Q's I have been asked are

    How much is the grant. Is it applied for through Pay and Docs Office? can it be applied for once an assignment order has been received or does it have to wait until in post.

  2. Current rates are here. £455 for you, and most Regts and Corps, but £835 for Cav types & £550 for the Jocks.
  3. Feck me, string vests & braces must be more expensive than I thought:

  4. you can claim if you are wearing the Rank and speak to your admin clk who will guide you throught the glorious JPA system
  5. That raised a smile - sorry!!!!
  6. And it has not gone away!!!!!!
  7. A pretty damning indictment of the chain of command that guys don't even know about stuff that affects them?
  8. its a shame that this information is not passed onto them by some of the more senior members of the mess, surely at least one member should know this info???
  9. You get a grant for your mess dress?? I didn't know that. I purchased mine out of my own pocket :(
  10. yeah you get about 455GBP depends on when you was promoted. speak to your admin Clk and they can guide/advise you if you can claim
  11. Can I still claim if I left the Army 6 years ago? ;)
  12. yeah sure you can i think it is in the queens regs right next to if your a siggy after 22yrs service you will get a WO`s pension
  13. Cor!!!!

    I never knew that!
  14. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    If you can afford to buy in the Farnham area you can pay for your own bloody mess dress.