Mess Dress For Sale

Discussion in 'REME' started by dickie_out_and_about, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Chest 44" Waist 36" Leg 32"
    Had it since 93 and it still fits.....always been a fat b*stard.
    trousers, jacket and waistcoat
    will chuck in bow tie x 2 and cumberbund (black)
    Make me an offer i cant refuse
  2. No offers eh?
    Well fcuk it then.....its on e-bay
  3. you could always donate it to the fallingbostel military museum----2 bn reme section...that way it would be on show for ever...
  4. Havent you put it up for sale in the Craftsman, Ill pass the word around. Its a bit of an antique now though mate. Is it a costellos one.
  5. we like antique mess dress s-
    only friday ,, costellos gave us a great rlc womens old type mess dress for the museum collection..
  6. I thought the Corps RSM had some sort of scheme for selling on mess kit with a small donation to the REME Association. I don't know if the system still works but it's worth an ask.
  7. We have a corps RSM?

    What was his speciality, mortars? bedding store?ration returns? whole new thread here!

    Only joking, without RS, no-one would get issued NBC suits.
  8. Say what you like about the RS, but at least they dont make up new drill commands on regimental parades :lol:

  9. Unlike the tiffy who was mounting the REME guard at Combermere barracks (RHG) in 1959 , the regiment had a do on.
    The LAD were providing the guard and we were issued pistols , we did alright up to "For inspection port arms" but after a long pause ,while said tiffy thought about, it we were given the order "Into holsters pistols put"
    I've never forgoten it .
  10. This as got to be a WAH.

    We all now the command is :?

    Ok Im a Thick Artisan what is it? Quite surprised the Tiffy didnt have a cheat sheet with it on though :wink:
  11. With my hangover and manky eyes, staring at the screen in that vaguely myopic way that you do when you've just woken up after a heavy night, I read that as "mass driver for sale" 8o
  12. This was when Tiffys were still known as Arm Arts (Armaments Artificer) and knew their trades inside out .
  13. So what is / was the correct terminology then Craftmanx :?
  14. Stuffed it I know, my personal weapon was always a Sterling (it fitted in the toolbox on the Austin fitters truck) we only had about a ten minute rehearsal before we went to mount guard. By the way the Arm Art did end up with a commission.
  15. I've sold my mess dress by the way