Mess Dress for sale


Sorry to post this here, I know there's a classifieds forum, but this is where the sensible people are!!

1 x Royal Artillery Mess Kit available

to fit 44" Chest, 36" Waist with 30/32" inside Leg, though can be tailored to fit similar.

Includes: Jacket and Trousers, Shirt and Tie

£100 ono


Sorry. WO/SNCO. The kit has LBdr Chevron on as the guy I brought it from was from 4 Regt RA where their JNCOs have mess dress.

It has only been worn once for a mess photo, and I never had the chance to wear it and as such never had it altered.
Have you a price you are looking for? I am constantly looking for Mess Dress for the Army Cadet Force so it will go to a good home

I'll give you this: you're like a dog with a bone.

Check the posting dates mate although I know a couple of others have mentioned this to you so far.

I have a REME WO2's mess dress that I might be willing to flog but I'll have to get the measurements. It's been 4 years since I wore it last.


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Both Rifles and RA Mess Dress for ACF? Has Harry paget Flashman been ressurected and in need of a new dressing up box?