Mess Dress for sale

Cleared to post by Mods, I'm getting rid of my REME mess dress as i've not found an opportunity to wear it for Fancy dress in civvy street. When I left I was 6 foot tall and about 15 1/2 stone about the same now. Details below,

Trousers 36w x 32ish long, free braces
Jacket , still fits and if I recall its about 42/44 Chest. has REME badges and Sgt Stripes.
White golfball shirt , 16inch neck but not sure.
Bow tie
George boots Size 9

Excellent Condition , non smoker.

Made By Costello.

Looking for about £90 - £100 to help my boys "xbox fund"

Collection from Northumberland or will post at cost

Cheers for looking
Arte et Marte

'Robbo' Robson - former metalsmith
Im 5 ft 10 34 waist with a large shirt. And weight about 14 stone. Is it in good nick?. Yes please photos b good. Im currently in Belize and bk in january tho. Could we arrsnge summit if i like it
I'll get the photos done when I can and send them via email. I'm on crutches with a knackered leg at the minute so not very mobile. Condition is v good as I only wore it a few times. Where you from in the uk? Send email address and I'm do photos when I get a chance. Tailoring down is always easier than going up. Speak again soon

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