Mess Dress for Sale

Set of RE WO2 Mess Dress which was purchased brand new just over 4 years ago from Medway Medals and was made to measure. It comprises of jacket, waistcoat and trousers, bow tie (one RE Bow Tie and one black) and a pair of men’s size 9 George Boots (I am a normally a 9.5 and these boots fit me comfortably).


Chest: 40"

Waist: 35"

Inside leg: 33"

I'm 6' 1" tall so would fit someone of a similar height.

The jacket has been worn once since purchase and the trousers about 3 times. Original purchase cost was £475 for mess dress plus £85.00 for the George Boots.

I will also put in Marcella Shirts (Golf Ball) will fit size 16 neck.

If someone wants the mess dress and not the boots i dont mind splitting it up.

Have pictures if anyone wants them PM me!

edited coz i am a typing spaz
ha ha edited it now Albert many thanks!
where did you find my photo! You could have at least black nastied out my eyes lol!

Now everyone will know who I am!

I don't want to bump this up but how the Fk can you wear mess dress trousesr 3 fkin times without a jacket?
You would be Ported to to within an inch of your career and bank/credit balance for fk up like that

aRE you for REal ?
ehh yes i am for real as i was posted to Cyprus for 2 years and they wear a different jacket over there. Although i did look like a dodgy waiter for every function.

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