Mess Dress for Cpls??????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rad_Op_230, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone clear up a debate for me regarding mess dress regs.

    Can JNCO's wear mess dress or is it purely for SNCO's and above?? Heard a rumour that JNCO's can apply to wear it. Am now part of a training centre and have a couple of mess functions coming up. Cheers for any info
  2. not sure on the actual regs but most regiments i served with encouraged JNCO's to wear mess dress for functions. it was that or the Ginger Suit which aint nice for regt dinners as i think you will agree!!
  3. I've seen Blues and No 2s. Blues looks best. Never seen Mess Dress - it's expensive and I would be very dischuffed if my Cpls were forced to use their own money for it.
  4. Where you going to wear it? Why do you want to wear it? if your RLC, its not the best designed bit of kit I have worn
    Nobody can be made to buy Mess kit (that does includes Sgts) If its only you wearing it at a regimental functions, it will look out of place in a sea of No2 Dress
    But back to functions, do you have a Cpls Mess? or is it a Cpls Club? No provison for a Cpls Mess in QR's.
  5. I have known lots of units have Cpls mess kit, usually there was one item that they wore which would be binned once then y made it to the Sgts mess something along the lines of Cpls wear a waistcoat Sgts do not. Each unit is its own master in this though.
  6. I'm part of an all ranks instructors mess which only has two JNCO's. Myself and an Artillery BDR, he wears mess dress!

    Wasn't sure if i had to get permission from a local commander etc!
  7. Easy answer to your question, if your unit Cpl's wear mess kit then so can you, if they don't then you don't have to.
  8. Speak to the PMC - he/she'll be the person to advise you on what is appropriate for a formal dinner.

    I would suggest that in an all ranks environment, SNCO members would be in Mess Kit/No2, with JNCO expected to be black tie/No 2.
  9. Rad_Op_230 - now that I know where you are based and believe that the Mess Committee is already discussing this issue. I will check to make sure.
  10. Many thanks abacus
  11. I'm pretty sure Cpls at ATRs and ITCs wear it. Mess kit certainly exists for all ranks because members of the Corps band have it. If there is the cause for SNCOS / Offrs to wear mess dress then the only reason why JNCOs ordinarily wear service dress is because they simply don't have it. It sounds to me like you want to get some and if you can stomach the expense (and second hand is always the way to go) then get some and wear it with pride, personally I think it looks smart.
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Most Infantry Cpls' mess I have seen wear mess kit. If the mess you are with/attached to wears mess kit then go ahead and get it. It will come in handy when you are promoted to the Sgts' mess.
  13. Melchy, if I didn't already know you were an AT I could assume so from your post. It's not IF you get promoted its WHEN!
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    OK, so I was trying to be positive for the lad.

    Let me try again.

    Most Infantry Cpls' mess I have seen wear mess kit. If the mess you are with/attached to wears mess kit then go ahead and get it. You can sell it when you get posted.
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Did you mean it the other way round? It's not WHEN it's IF.