Mess dress - correct placement of stripes etc

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jerm, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. This may be a bone question, but bear with me as I'm TA.

    I've recently bought (through ARRSE no less) a set of mess dress. However, I got it from a WO2 and need to get the correct badges sewn on (Sgt's stripes, RE bomb and SAA badge).

    Finding a decent military tailor that can sew them on, in the correct place, is proving a pain so thought I'd sew them on myself.

    Finally the question - what is the correct placement/location for the above badges?

    For the record, I've copied this across from the Seniors forum.
  2. Here's a start buddy.

  3. Surely the Corps HQ can tell you, have you tried to contact them?
  4. I had an RCT mess dress made by Michael Jay in the early 1980's, it was still in very good condition (but had strunk) when I sold a few months back to a collector, so Michael Jay kit lasts.

    If you contact them direct, they may badge up your jacket and make any adjusments required for a reasonable fee, particular if they made the mess dress up orginallly. In the event Michael Jay have not tailored the mess dress they may still carry out this work, or try and find out who made the mess dress up and contact them.

    If no joy there try contacting your nearest reqular RE unit and asking the RSM/CSM/QMSI/RQMS etc if it can be tailored by the unit tailor while you wait. A few wets in the mess with the respective person, and mates, offer of your civilain trade service etc, building bridges etc, networking etc, may bring rewards at a later date for all parties. This was the accepted practise when I left the RCT and joined the Infantry TA.
  5. There used to be a tailor at Gib Bks who was at Southwood before that, name of Jack. I believe he moved to Sandhurst and may still be there. At any rate they do have a tailor there and there is nothing to stop you asking him to put the bits and bobs on your uniform for you - and having a tailor do it is far better than doing it yourself and trying to "iron it straight" afterwards. I dont know where you are, but if Sandhurst is too far maybe Brompton Bks at Chatham can sort you out, give someone a call at the QM's dept there.

    Hope this helps.