Mess Dress Badge Question

Just got my WO2(AQMS) on board, and was wondering which set of hammer and tongs I wear with my badge? is it the black background one I wore with as a Staffy or is it the smaller one with the red background.

Cheers all.
Firstly congratulations.
I was always led to believe the blue backing ws for No1 Dress

and the red backing was for mess dress.

But I am sure a good answer will arrive shortly.
It usually does. :roll:
Edited to add was my source.


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I'm pretty sure it is the black background, remember seeing it on a number of other mess dress's and thinking it was odd!! Preparing to be shot down in flames though.


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Mine are black and I've never been hauled up for it......

Must get round to selling it at some point - not much call for mess dress down the Legion................
I thought the REME wore red backgrounds on their badges in Mess kit. On the dark blue of their jacket.
No its black/dark blue for everyone trade wise, we had a guy who, recently promoted into the mess, wore his wings with a red background and claimed that they were the right ones with mess dress and the dark blue was for blues, unfortunaltly for him the RSM was para trained as well whoops

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