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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by willy57, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi all - I am on the scrounge

    Does anyone know of anyone getting out or getting rid of a set of mess dress as I will be needing one in days few please.

    Hope someone can help as I aint got the £000's to buy brand new.

  2. PM Me your sizes and i will see what i can do.
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    If you have been selected for promotion in the last year then you will have your mess dress grant to pay for a new one. That is what it is there for. It will also prevent you from looking like a complete bag of Arrse when you go to formal functions.
  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    check the classifieds forum, there are a couple for sale, including my own.

  5. There's also one on ebay and an Engineers one would do with a few changes.
  6. ....until about midnight, then it all gets messy. :)
  7. Ha ha lol cheers guys thx for the advice and help.
  8. Does anyone know when you can apply for the grant, is it after you start wearing or would you be able to apply for it before being posted on promotion?
  9. Here: "The grant can be paid in advance of you purchasing your Mess Dress but after your date of promotion." That's Acting or Substantive.