Mess do last Saturday

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. I would like to congratulate the person in the Sgts mess at the function on Sat night. He looked so good wearing a NAPPIE under his mess dress. This was so he could take a lag when the need arose and didn't have to leave the table. I believe he is in 63, swarthy looking bloke..........
  2. Erm what about what happens in the mess stays in the mess?

  3. These new Cpl/ASgts pilots we have in the mess nowadays maybe havent heard of that before. Just a posh NAAFI bar to them. :wink:
  4. think you might find he is 53!!! how we laughed at the story in full
  5. Hear hear . . . although there are some that are more than worth their promotion - there are, unfortunately, others who should never even have made full screw . . . :evil:
  6. Apparently that's the point of the Nappy, so that the mess does stay in
  7. PMC got the high chair with 'play tray'.... training spoons, 'budgie the helo' bibs for all and the port went round in a feeder cup....... :lol: :lol: :lol: