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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Rank and Name...Lt. J. Bloggs

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  2. Rank, Title and Name...Lt. Miss. J. Bloggs

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  3. Title and Name...Miss. J Bloggs

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  1. Dear All,

    We are organising a Mess Dinner where a both Officers and Civvies will be attending, a number of the Officers being female. What is put on the name places of the female officer?

    Rank and Name............Lt. J. Bloggs OR
    Rank, Title and Name...Lt. Miss. J. Bloggs OR
    Title and Name.............Miss. J Bloggs

    Obviously the females Civvies will be Miss. J. Bloggs...but what about the lady Osifers?

  2. If they have a rank it should be printed. No need to emphasise their sex, they'll be sat there after all and it should be obvious!
  3. In an ideal world, yes. ;)

    Name and Rank- they've earned it as much as you. If you're that worried that the officers in your mess are really that androgynous and that civvies won't be able to spot the subtle difference in mess dress, print the names in full.
  4. I always omit the initials and simply put 'Lt Bloggs' or 'Miss Bloggs' on place cards and seating plan? Unless there are two Lt Bloggs, in which case one initial is used.

    Especially useful if some luminary with many initials like Gen Sir A C H Melchett is attending, for example.
  5. Why is their gender relevant?

    You'd expect your place to be named "Lt U Tube" (or similar ;) ), so why shouldn't theirs be?

  6. You get to sit down at the table at your mess dinners? You lucky b*stards!
  7. Rank, Name

    Not hard is it?
  8. In civvy street it is traditional when drawing up lists for males to be e.g. Dr A. N. Eejit but females to be Dr Anne Eejit. This is the easy way to distinguish men from women in lists.
  9. The name places should follow the following style:

    rank and surname - i.e., no initials and no post-nominals;

    a few exceptions:

    2Lts and Lts should be referred to as Mr, Miss, Mrs on placenames;
    Female officers Capt and above should be referred to by rank;
    Lt Cols and Cols should be Colonel;
    Maj Gen, Lt Gen and Gen should be General;

    Convincing the PMC that you are right can be overcome by geting hold of a copy of Debrett's which has the whole shebang down straight.
  10. not in any of the messes Ive ever been in.
  11. The poll results appear pretty conclusive.

    Not sure why its overly relevant. People will be able to tell the person sat there is a lady because, well... she's a lady. In any case, arent place cards there for the benefit of the occupant (who, in this case should be fairly certain of his/her own gender (even in this day and age) and probably doesnt need reminding)?
  12. ....i'm afraid you're all wrong....

    its rank, initials, surname and corps / capbadge.....irrespective of male or female.....however, you do address subalterns when speaking to them as Mr x, Miss Y etc.

    but place names and other written correspondence is always
    eg, 2Lt JS Bloggs RLC, Lt KP Smith RE
  13. I wasn't! :numberone: