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I'm living in a tri-service mess and almost every month when mess bills come out we hear all about how cheap RAF/Navy messes are in comparison to Army run messes. The average bill is apparantly around £10, including entertainents, messing, subs etc. The average here is £40-£50.
Can anyone out there explain how it is possible to provide full mess facilities on £10 a month? Or are the blue people exaggerating/remembering the good old days before inflation, Sodexho/NSS?


I have just left a Tri service Mess and we only paid £8, til the Army forced it up to a proper fee of £10! I to am at a lose how the Navy do it- but they do!

It must be because the Navy seem to get to acrue a massive amount of money, our Mess was solvent to say the least, and all the functions were nearly free!

Luckily I have left the service now and have joined as an associate member! Cant wait for the next ball!
I was paying £15 + so that the larger unit who's mess it is, could have numerous private social functions. Most of the time we weren't even told about them and a good number of times we weren't told about the larger mess do's. Their RSM is a complete ******** (desperate for a commission type) and he'd have his little extraordinary meetings with his crew only and vote in all sorts of sh*te for the good and benefit of his career (social climber wannabe). Don't mind paying towards functions, but I'd at least expect to be able to attend them.

I've got so f*cked of with them that I left their mess.
I have had the luck to be a member of 1 Bi-sevice (Army & Navy) and 1 Tri service mess. the Navy do have cheap mess bills, god knows how they did it (they did have less functions however).

Another Major difference is that the Navy do not have the Rugud dress codes that some of the Army messes dictate (remeber that these are home for some people), so attendances at minor social functions were always good...
I was once a member in an extremely small mess (approx 25 members). The mess bills were very high otherwise the entertainment would be some bloke with a comb and tissue paper. However, the quality was absolutely fantastic. The functions there were probably the best I have ever attended. I don't think people mind the expense so much as long as the quality is good.

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